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Joe Olivas says:

If this is you my love does this mean for me to move on because I'm already focus and it's kinda hard to focus on myself when I brought four kids into this world and they need me they need us to get our stuff together and be a family like the way life is supposed to be we need to both grow up and stop being minupulated by stuff play our role and teach our kids ourselves and stop taking everybody's advice on how to live teach our kids right from wrong the way I'm seeing this is your done with me and if that's the case love let me no I'm ok with whatever but this back in forth stuff is really getting old and I'm ready to just call it done and go find someone who wants to enjoy explore have good times and who will enjoy life with me because I've been through alot with my illness I'm doing wonderful now so now it's time for me to enjoy it while I have the rest of my life left i would like to enjoy my life with you if you don't feel the same that's ok I'll move on and find someone I can share a wonderful life with either way I'm gonna have fun no more of these games it's just a back and forth thing and to tell you the truth I'm tired of it heck I don't even no if I'm talking to you myself or what the heck but I'm ready to just say forget it and assume we're done and move on if things don't change real soon I'm walking away hope if this is you Dawn you figure out what you want before I say forget it my love ? I love you but I need to experience true love affection someone to hold share things with together my focus is on haveing fun enjoying life not alone with my other half I don't want to do this no more I want to do all this with you Dawn you and the kids if you don't want it it's ok I respect you either which way and I'll move on with respect my love if it don't change here soon I'm moving on I love you hope you have a wonderful day god bless you?❤️??

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