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Cindy Harr says:

LDR is not a choice , it's not a plan ~~ but anything is possible when you believe .
My insite from this journey has brought me to a place of life can be complicated
Much more so as we are older ^ But I do believe those whom are " dating" do not
share intimacy of getting to know each other in a spiritual way or emotional level
nearly as a LDR forces upon us . Therefor there is therapy upon our journey ~~
as a way to cope with the distance . I believe this tantric thing is amazing . I discovered
we can't be as spontaneous & free spirit as we use to be when we were younger yet I do
believe we can do anything through the power of love & faith . ????☦ Resistance sucks
It' comes with burden , bitterness , it comes with anxiety , fears , & leads to depression &
we become isolated . All things can change in a blink of a eye Being compatible is letting
it flow & surrendering RESISTANCE ‼️. This is so funny ~~ asking so many insecure questions
as if she want a specific answer . She's just not getting the Point . Poor thing . We must use humor
to help those whom are blind See the simplicity of it . STOP the Struggle , the suffering ????omg
there you go again saying words right after I typed my thoughts . Hey this is cool ????????????????
Dr Phil would say : how is that working for you ? It's NOT !!! Then do something different . Just do it *
Be fun be brave be spontaneous be free ~~~ just Love & be loved It Really really really Feels Good ❣
Girl please forgive me but you are your own worse enemy ' you are overly concerned wants answers
to the mystery of life ' . Live life & stop worrying . Like the way it FEELS ❣Like the way it Feels ❣
Like the way it feels ~~~~~ love the way it feels ~~~~ ❤️????????????????????

Youniverse says:

Wow, these videos are so amazing. They bring so much clarity ????????

Nai G says:

Jarring opening song but great video

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