Abraham Hicks ❤️ Why We Forget Everything When We Are Born ❤️ No ads in video

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Andrea Walcovy says:

we forget cause as soon as we're born someone turns us upside down & Slaps us on the ass!!!
gotta go!!! ✨

Ana Cee says:

I am so curious of how you can answer to all these questions regarding a world that might be or might be not. It is an insult to one's intelligence to pretend you are a specialist in this area and don't even blink when you lie to people.

Anon Anonymous says:

Every day I am learning/changing…i now deliberately focus on my energy, my emotion and lifting my spirits beyond my familiar.
Ive had clinical depression off and on for 40+ years. Im learning so much new information about the relationship between gut health and mental wellness.
I see a new pathway coming to me now.
And i am growing reaching in and out in a fragmented flow my connect to my authentic self.
Easther, abraham and jerry…thankyou, many many thanks

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