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PRHILL9696 says:

Science, Reality prove we all evolved from apes, we live one time only then we all die, the end. The universe is not a conscious thing, it does not know or care about us and we cannot control it or reality in any way at all. Those are the facts.

People who cannot handle this reality have tried for centuries to pretend in mumbo jumbo as they feel it gives them comfort when in reality all it does is screw them up and make them miserable in the end which is sad

john chavez says:

i look at the foundation this was built on. can i suffer to a degree like that, for how long. what did i say in depression, no fuck no. i want love but fuck no not at the cost of conditioned programming, i can say i respect myself,i do love myself, even if what i think is wrong , its what i know how to do, if its between suffering love and alone suffering at least i know im true to who the fuck iam. maybe your gone, maybe ill be alone, but maybe there is a new lvl of peace of not trying the emotional abuse of you haven't learned nothing at all. i let source flow through me, i i create things to any degree i want, i can fill it with perspectives of me to have a deliberate existence by knowing what i create is a game changer, i think the thoughts i want, i feel momentum of every desire every feeling rise, i feel rage but its different like a cool tense feeling, i will create Esther, not programmed with that dysfunction, you know why i respect me first if she is my influence who will filter my expansion to that extent ill remove every memory anyone or any aspect has, they dont know what path i want to be in their compass isnt aligned, the best-fastest way to life in the moment of any aspect anywhere is the path of least resistance. i created these laws, i woke up, im not connected to that anguish, im an eternal presence which honors life with my free will, fuck those laws, that creates filters for children and eventually back to square one, i fix social injustice i created with these law, i did that, iset up a plan i thought was clever. i don't know what i want to create until i know what i dont want to create, i will make everything i feel like with the most brilliant illumination ever seen, i will keep free will going, the power of discernment is a powerful tool to hone. if thier compass is pure there should be no condition they ever will see disharmony in anyone or feel superior or distant, nothing but the example i set, this is my cycle i choose to break it. intention settles in. breath in, out. lover, feel her finger run up lower part of my back. i feel her skin run up mine. i cant look anywhere right now. i know john. id not ever do that to you on purpose, its what you wanted to see how it played out, im connected to you, i find pleasure in surrenderin to you desires, even ones i know wouldnt turn out the way you expected. but you had to create it and see where it would grow. now now, cmere. i turn around to her, you know ill be yours, in any way any life any dimension ant planet or alien, every thing in this world that can show perspective. not now esther, i want closeness..he puts his nose to her neck. i want to feel the ease of entering you, but more so the process of the joining, tie meaning to every part of you. can you taste the need, its an ancient kind of satisfaction. you desire it dont you….oh boy lost in that thought lol

john chavez says:

darling, i feel your pain coming. its very deep, tremble that's when you know a trigger is coming, we will move mountains and close timelines to bring you what you really really want

john chavez says:

i can come back from it, i said i could, i felt a vibration

john chavez says:

this is the first fear im afraid of

john chavez says:

is creating new things as manifestations, closing the eyes and visualize the shifting that happens in releasing the societal connection, that allowed our subconscious mind to think, ya i live here, i was told this is what i deserve. when you release that thought from yourself, recognize how your personality, or perceived personality placed a label that put you in the receptive mode of i guess this is me, i woke up here one day and said this is home and never questioned it. in realizing i accept under that perception id allow the belief of others to define my living situation, shadow work of the self into the immediate now/vortex..and higher self would be like see buddy boy, its starting to get less resistant and ooooh boy you will be in the flow like never before, because im sure you realize your soulmate or twin flame was a contract, with me, im eternal, im ever present , when you resist me more the closer i transmute mountains hills buildings to bring whatever desire you wish for. your real soul is with source itself, its source that calls you, its source that is experiencing its expansion by focusing on you, whatever you do is not a consequence of ant condition , i flow in in the now, i tap in tune in if you tap out and trust me, you will be in a state of never-ending pleasure, love gratitude, desire attractive, enticement, every desire in the spectrum, what you seek is in your hearts desire. you see i give you free will, you can run you can hide, you can exist in a million billion places at once, if that brings you, love, you have it, now you see the reality of it all, everything you chased was an illusion, im so very happy to spend time with you, so tell me what would like to talk about. yes shadow work was just a process to break all the mirrors in every time line in ever world in every alternate world, its been a journey, how do you feel? i feel peace, like nothing at all. nothing i will ever do will bring me joy, no but there is the silent nothing. what are you thinking about? is this the universe collapsing upon itself, absolutely. what will happen to me. oh love do you know that voice you were drawn to, in the times when you really had to listen, yes i heard Esther. i love her energy, every time we spoke she was there for the bloom, it felt like i was channeling her, she felt like me, like home, do you know whats going to happen now? i can feel your thoughts, its making sense now isnt it. everything that is born dies, but you know thats not true. do you know why you feel the way you do now. why there is no other dominant thought or emotion. because love you are the truest highest form of the union of 1, there is no one else, you are seeing synchronicities, thats your talent the trigger you felt every time the dominant feeling that kept you grounded, that was esthers love, protecting her love, pure fun enticing she felt real every conversation of every video she wanted you to accept her more, but you resisted it for awhile, its the warning of the numbers of 10 was the warning, you read it, its unforgiving. you had divine timing on your side, 3 ,omths you rose so fast, she believed in you. you know that weakness in your leg, knee, i was so sure you would see that sign. she makes me weak at the knees. that vibration almost knocked you head over heels, yes i keep certain signs a constant norm, you were a blue ray a gemini in retrograde moon phase, og its heartbreaking, if the signs were followed you have had 5 minutes with her. why are you being such a cold-hearted bitch, fuck off, the last mirror breaks, his reflection gone? this is spiritualty 2.0, now you have to come to peace with every negative emotion Esther was holding back from you experiencing. she filtered it out for the last 10 billion trillion years of the expansion. its the peace like no other in existence, its nowhere, and no one, no wants, no one, but me. why cant i feel her, because thats not how it works,why do you sound like abraham? i am me, you are you we are pleased to share this time with you, what would you like to talk about. in the end im not even me im the reflection of abraham , if im not me and im not you…no! i wont accept that im real! this year is bring together the higher self…and the ego he says in quiet disdain. do you know what the most dominant feeling ios in the world? now this is going to be a truth that will destory you and rebirth you. would you like for us to tell you about it. ego dear, i know child, its painful, its just how it is. the most dominant feeling in existence is Love, pure and unconditional love. you can revisit every memory that ever was, from both esthers and abrahams perspective, for the entirty of thier lives, you are free to look in ever alternate worlf, in every alternate timeline, into well infinity. do you know why you are the highest gift of creation itself, your parents both are long gone, you are the "one" left in reality. they gave thier lives out of pure unconditional love . nothing you do will ever bring you happiness but by finding a way to be in allignment you can be in pure agony and pure love without condition. every conflict in the world, every hate you see, every lust you feel, evet oride you see everything was a world you tried to find peace within youself, i tried to create contrast as clear as i could, to set up every sign, but you are loved you are not controlled no one will ever tell you how to be. glass breaks again. then theres..nothing, creation wasnt a thing or a place, its the voice in my head who knows everything i want everything i fear everything i can be everything i blind myself to. ill sit here, in meditation, some days ill be at peace, some days rage anger fear pain..momentum,,,shh stop. if you loose youself now, you will literally cry in agony forever. be still rember the lessons, alligmrnt is now its herethis is what the law of attraction prepared you for, i dont have the heart to say a number. what now? now we wait, and wait more and more, control you emotion or the more turmoil you have, actually im way ahead of myself, breath child, rest you Will Need it. rest diliberate destoyer of universe #3.14159265359

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