Abraham Hicks ❤️ New Designs and Plans For 2019 ❤️ No ads in video

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Carol Loraine says:

Thank you for no ads!
Blessings in 2019!!

metaNdance says:

Thank you so much for talking slower ( ; I appreciate it!!!!

kimberly kline says:

Is this really from 2019?

Anita Carter says:

Happy 2019..🎊 let's be awesome this year!!! 🎊🎉🥂🍾😉🙌🏻

Butterflyneverlands says:

I really, really, really want for humans to stop co-creating animal suffering by consuming them and using them. That’s what I really, really, really want!!!!!

Damon Hockey says:

Stephan, where does Abraham mention 2019 in this seminar?

Mikel Craig Pirie says:

Thanks for no ads

33temitope says:

THANK YOU perfect start to 2019…2019 was a great year for me…got happiness, got millions of pounds, got my partner, got good health and got the lifestyle I scripted.😆😆😆

ToMeR4love says:

I wish Abraham will come over to Israel, I am so inspired by you ..happy New year everYone🙏

Melody Tomlinson says:

Thank you for this clear reminder to kick off a DIVINE

Kapila Saurenman says:

Thank you for all the words, as worthless as they are, they sound nice. Good con

Silmaril333 says:

thank you, happy 2019 !

Anna Lopez says:

I AM presence and I AM sending divine love and light to all that is oneness 🙏💟 There is no lack there for I have everything I want I Am so greatful thank you! 😊.

Heather Stahlnecker says:

thank YOU! Happy 2019!

Charlotte Bellis says:

Great content! Where can I listen to keep listening? She's cut off mid sentence.

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