Abraham Hicks ❤️ How to Move Your Focus in the Right Direction ❤️ No ads

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Trice Pruitt says:

You get what you think about. What vibration are you practicing??❤️

Willie Ruiter says:

Hi I can't give you donations, but you are welcome to drink coffee with me.

PRHILL9696 says:

Science, Reality prove we all evolved from apes, we live one time only then we all die, the end. The universe is not a conscious thing, it does not know or care about us and we cannot control it or reality in any way at all. Those are the facts.

People who cannot handle this reality have tried for centuries to pretend in mumbo jumbo as they feel it gives them comfort when in reality all it does is screw them up and make them miserable in the end which is sad

Ask Divine Spirit says:

Yes. Thank you . Much love x?

L R says:

Freak .when. see
In .sane, right?

Dorothy Kitzinger says:

Iam going to have to take the day off of retirement to listen to ur videos.Cant wait!!!

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