Abraham Hicks ❤️ How to Feel The Current of Source ❤️ No ads in video

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MilleCoeurs says:

❤ Thank for still putting good Stuff out ❤

garry G Ballard says:

I am on the leading edge of the, my NOW ! ???

Lens on Source says:

The desire is feeling the momentum of Source energy, which is the momentum of the flowing current.

To feel the current is to feel the momentum of Source. Momentum of practice opens up the circuit, which is why it is easier to allow more of the current and thus feel more of the momentum of Source energy/ vortex flowing through.

"This is the most significant thing that we know, that we want you to remember and come to know. The satisfaction that you are looking for, no matter what the request or desire that is active within you, what you are looking for is the absence of resistance between you and that larger part of you, who is attracting on your behave."

"You were only non-physical energy before you came into this body, and when you were only non-physical energy, that singular energy stream was pure, non-physical energy. Meaning it was a very high, clear, pure vibration that held no resistance that would be discernible from your vantage point at all. Pure positive energy, a sort of swirling love of well being and knowing, a literal culmination of all that you have become, the best of all life, culminated in that energy.

And then a part of that energy projected forward, or was summoned by the body that was being created within the womb of your mother, and as that energy was summoned into this physical time-space reality, and you came forth and focused into that body." AH

Experiencing more of Source energy being focused within and through the manifested physical energy body.

Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry says:

✋????❤️ Vibrational Alignment ✅ Team Abraham ✅ Namaste ? ☮️

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