Abraham Hicks ❤️ How to Discipline yourself When You Struggle ❤️ No ads in video

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sarasmr 42 says:

Really good stuff. A disciple is one who follows. To discipline ourselves, we must lead ourselves to where we want to be. Why am I choosing this action? Because nothing is more important than that I feel good. My connection to Source (higher self, soul, God, Universe, pick the word you like 🙂 is the foundation of everything else in my life.

Abraham Hicks Teachings says:

wow this one is best.. I started doing meditation before 3 years and it changed my life fully.

Angelica Serrano says:

Wow! Best conversation ever about meditation, why it matters so much, why we don't like it at first, but how it's more important than anything else.

Sharon Chevalier says:

Good discussion on meditation. Thanks for your channel.

kaesar sharma says:

Thanks for sharing the video

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