Abraham Hicks ❤️ First I Change Then Everything Else ❤️ No ads in video

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Robert Preston says:

No wonder everyone says Hicks is a fraud. She is is spinning the typical thing all frauds use that everything in life is YOUR fault! Wow what a pathetic convenient excuse which is why frauds use it. No wonder these people fear being studied by science and exposed by James Randi. Sad thing is this stuff has destroyed SOO many innocent lives! If people would only see that reality like science has proven that nothing we do controls reality then people would know that what vile people like Hicks and others are liars and that it is NOT your fault for what happens in your life. Plus that should be SO obvious.

In fact it has been proven that people who rely on positive thoughts destroys because it keeps you doing REAL life things to get what you want so when people dont get it because they believe in this Law of attraction shit they end up blaming themselves and become depressed and suicidal when in reality it is not their fault it is just that they believe in this shit which has nothing to do with how the universe works!

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