Abraham Hicks????-The secret to always have the highest vibration

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Millinial Picasso says:

Lol she speaks too fast, had to listen to this 24-7 🙂

Jodhi Givhan says:

Facts ????????????

Courtnae Smith says:


annette norris says:

Thank you❤✌????✊????

Xeng Zulueta says:

“You can’t force yourself into alignment”. BAMMMMMM!
Esther, I wish you could come to the Philippines! We love you!

Nish Chop says:

I just love you for what you said… I am blown out… thanks and love ???? ????????????????

B H says:

I need the secrets. I'm glad these secrets are not a secret for the listeners.. Me ????

Marly Wenhen says:

This is a good one

Sutton Kelley says:

Wow! Thank you.

D Gantt says:

I want to unpinch so much. I need to align to that.

LaMoonDove LifeIsGreat says:

I absaluty love this lady ????????????????????????????????????

Zarah Zu vlogs says:

These always pop into my feed when I need them. thank you source

Yaz P says:

A breakthrough is you breaking through your own resistance.


Grace Otiboe says:

Thank you ????❤️????????

Jules Harger says:

WOW so new this and told this way before I heard this! Unbelievable…..thank you universe!

Good Job says:

This was the FUCKING BEST.

trudi trudi says:

I asked for a signal. The next thing I saw was a picture of an eye looking straight at me. From that moment I knew, the signal I was looking for was me. I am the signal lol

You Tube says:

i don't know how to tune my vibrations or frequency to be happy … i WISH that i could EXPECT something to come or have the ability to KNOW that it WILL come and it WILL be there, but i don't know how to do that unless i am told ahead of time that IT is coming …

Like when you order something on-line, you KNOW it is on its way and your waiting for it with joy because you KNOW its coming because you already purchased it ..

Kinda like that child that is EXPECTING that one x-mas gift, he/she KNOWS its coming and is waiting for it under the tree and it is there waiting … "magically" … This child was not told that it would be there for x-mas .. He/she just put in their order and expected it to be there, and it was so


Art G says:

this is bullshit


Yes! Yes! Yes! Especially not looking for others to love you that may not love themselves and you expect them to love you!!!! ???? truth!!!!! ????

Sunshine T says:

This got crazy good at 11

Roulette Genie says:

I didn't know Abraham was a woman!

blue Vortex says:

This is one of her best lectures so good thanks .

Al Christ says:

@11:46 starts the good part 🙂

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