A Simple Tool for Becoming More Effective | Bob Proctor

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Proctor Gallagher Institute says:

Get results that STICK for only $1 – click the link to get started: https://bit.ly/2H4xAlr

Hrant Baloyan says:

Hey Bob will be great if you make videos about subconscious mind,creative imagination

Wayne DeCunha says:

So what should be the 6 most important things I need to do? (Its not the daily chores) So need some examples

Zk8et says:

Thanks for the advice Mr. Proctor. ?

Truth Tube says:

Imagine if Bob was your grandad

Serpentaria says:

Kronos – the god of time, death and limitation in Greek mythology. At my job, the time-clock I punch in and out of is literally named KRONOS. 🙁

René Carlos Taméz Gómez says:

Thamk for sharing.

nurhayat ay says:


MysticSage Elementalintelligence says:

I love you ?

skobiador says:

o can´t stop see your videos, i dont miss one haha.
I love your work (:

Youtube Summer says:

Timing is everything!

Chris Invests - Personal Finance Videos says:

I've been watching Bob since his appearance on the Secret and he's helped my family and myself immensely ??

Mikey Mike says:

Video hasn't even started yet and I'm hyped already

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