A peaceful night’s rest sleep meditation w music! Abraham Hicks 2017, Law of attraction

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Leigh Parker says:

Good video! I also appreciate Abraham Hicks. 👐👐
For my spiritual journey I've also been loving quite a lot of Sri Avinash myself lately. #SriAvinash 💜
I find Sri Avinash's talks so uplifting and motivating for my life.

Byron Pink says:

I am ever grateful for Esther and Abraham Hicks who is infinite intelligence in a format we can comprehend and adhere to once we practice the teachings. This experience has changed my life for the abundance of living a rich life. Its the rich life vibrationally where the real joy is at. The manifestations are the aftermath. I am learning more about living for the fun rather than just living for the manifestational aspect of life alone. Fun wins every time!! Thank you!! You are greatly appreciated!!

Sonny Beltran says:

Thank you!🦉

isaac lyndon says:

I dnt think I can go on much longer

Veronica Liles says:

Thank you ! Thank you ! There are no words to express the gratitude and the appreciation for the life changes that have occurred since listening to you! You are amazing!

taliswoman07 says:

Is the pic in the video a painting? Anyone know the name of the artist?

Cynthia Ennis says:

I once thought this was good to sleep to…but there are too many things negative for the subconscious mind…this maybe good for being awake, but I don’t think a lot of this is very good when sleeping…Not so much for the the subconscious mind.

Cynthia Ennis says:

I wish I still had a garage! 😳

Xristine Rush says:

Thank you Abraham & Ester for this insight into how to align myself for financial abundance. I am new to all this and learning to meditate so feeling amazing just listening to your youtube talks.

Lois Enden says:

Abraham makes me feel so wonderful as to who I am. I love and find myself in the highest state of mind when I listen to her. My goal is to accomplish and learn what she teaches me in this life. Thank you so much Abraham I love you who you are and appreciate everything you say and and do to make me feel at ease. I hope to see you again and share my vibrations and thoughts.
Always in my heart i love you.

Cynthia Ennis says:

This is wonderful…thank you. 🌹. Love the music…so soothing & the photo is so beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️

SahinaSF says:

What an exquisite combo of words and music … absolutely HEAVENLY !! Thank You!!!! What is this music??

I H says:

Would like this without the music please

shagufta sheikh says:

I shagufta sheikh loves you for the information to live and expand our lives continuously. How blessed we all are on this earth to have you to be happy, joyful and satisfied in order to receive further good and better.

blaqcaponesecret says:

Their teachings are inspiring and I use them to move forward on my path. I'm grateful to find you. Thanks. Attended my first seminar this year and it was amazing

Geneva Smith says:

I want to say Thank you. I am so grateful to you Abraham Hicks. I have been praying for guidance. You have given me that. Thank you so much for all you do.

joey racanelli says:

Again and again words could lift you up and get you excited for a couple a days.,but without meditation being everything is a waste.just like she said words don't teach and that's why most people fail.

Amanda mc govern says:

Beautiful 😍😍👌🏼

donna schmidt says:

can u plz omit the music?

Holly Munford Bloe says:

Be an evening

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