7-Minute Ho'oponopono Forgiveness process with Dr. Matt James

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Adriana Evseev says:

Beautiful thank you 🙏❤❤❤love and blessings 💗💞💗🌺🌻🌺😀🤗

Kendrya says:

I'm cutting aka connections with my noisy neighbor. I forgive them I want them to forgive me from any wrong doings or past life events that brought us to this time and space. MAHALO 💛💚💛💚

Make More Marbles says:

Float higher and further back. That's right.

Jerri I Goldstein says:

ThankU. Namaste

bellagaia says:

What are the aka connections? (I'm not sure how to spell it).

The Breath of Ely says:

Mahalo nui loa Kumu!!!

A Thomas says:

Thank you so much for this uplifting meditation, Dr. James. I’m approaching my self-healing from a different direction and was Guided to Ho’oponopono but needed a less complicated way to experience it. Your meditation is perfect. Thank you again.

Kris Aanderud says:

Awesome to have another resource! Mahalo Kumu.


What I needed at 4am working a double in the ER.
Thanks Dr Matt.
Roger and out

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