5 Things SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTORS Do Differently [The Secret To BIG Law of Attraction Manifestation]

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Awesome AJ says:

Hey Awesome Tribe, this is a VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO. Understand this and a lot of things will change. If this video is an eye-opener for you then Like, Comment & Share. If you are new here SUBSCRIBE to my Channel. Start Manifesting Your Dream by joining our Powerful Law of Attraction Program on our Awesome AJ Online Academy: https://academy.awesomeaj.com

Cadillac Guy says:

Yes I trust in the power of universe

Jigna Siddhapura says:

Yes yes yes !!!

shreya chauhan says:

Thnk u AJ I hv got everything in my life as per ur instructions ? n thank u universe u hv given me everything dat I want in my life m very immensely grateful n thankful to u ???????????????

Sumit Adhikary says:

Try to do ur prog…in hindi also..

crystal carbine 63 says:

This or something better! I get it! Awesome!

Space says:

amazing story sir

Pooja Dixit says:

so inspirational story of Mahabharata.???

Shaifali Singhal says:

Yes yes yes, I am becoming a successful manifester….tytytytyty universe.. tytyty almighty…..

Pooja Dixit says:

yes yes yes i am becoming a successfull manifestor.

charit Boruah says:

well-done, superb and LOVE YOU AJ.

Aarti Sharma says:

Yes yes yes I m a manifester

sharmila sinha says:

Yess yes yes …i believe in universe…i hv full faith…bcz of u aj i got many cls frm mi x …he brkup me in april…he tld me he vl nva cl agn…bt aftr doing ds tecnique…i gt many calls frm him sayng he luvs me…bt still he is remembering our brkup reason…can u tell me hw i can remove hs negativity frm his mind…bcz its da only thng vch stops him …bt oderwise he calls me hw much he misses me….i jus want to fill his mind vd positive thots…

RGrewal rohtak says:

Thank you dear sir for the motivation??

Vinai Info says:

yes yes yes i am a successful manifester i am happy and in love

anushree pawar says:

Thankz to u sir….god bless u

anushree pawar says:

Yess yess i m a successfull manisfestor

Vinai Info says:

awesome awesome awesome

AmRita VeeNa says:


I had done the 55*5 method two weeks before. Though someone tried to call me in between. I didnt fail to complete my 55*5 with full concentration and visualization.

Now Since three or four days, I am seeing the numbers 777, 555, 444, 111, 222, 999, 333 etc on flux boards. Vehicles, digital clock etc. Some times I see some of these patterns together. Do manifestors see all these patterns like me or only one pattern? Can you please tell me why I am seeing all the patterns ?

sheeja machamppilli says:

Yes yes yes iam becoming successfull manifester

indra cena says:

Yes yes yes I'm a successful creator…,??

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