3 Unexpected Signs Your Manifestation is Coming Your Way | Law of Attraction

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Sarah Ahtesham says:

I'm learning so much from your videos …. Thank you… ????

xuannie says:

hello—i have a quick question for anyone in the comments that have the opportunity to answer this 🙂

as for the second sign (the odd requests), does a request to come to a birthday party count as an odd request? i’m genuinely curious; thank you! 🙂

26justadream says:

The fact that my family keeps trying to get me to go to parties that i was invited to and I keep saying no ????‍♀️

Alexis Taylor says:

This is my first time seeing your video. It couldn't have come at a better time. I have been seriously practicing the law of attraction for a couple of months. My business got extremely slow no money came in for 2 weeks, bills got behind and I just lost my granddaughter to an unexpected illness. Yet I stand firm in my belief that the things that I am hoping to manifest in my life and with my family are coming to pass. Thanks for confirming that for me today.

Ekenna Hutchinson says:

I have a great car and I am so happy I have my full driving license x

Buggmaster9000 says:

I like the way u describe things much love appreciate the positivity u out out ????

Yakira Gil says:

Ii waited so long for my manifestation to happen that I give up ????

Jasmine Patrick says:

My ahh ha moment was realizing that those things that only “appear” to be challenges are just opportunities for vibrational self-checks serving as manifestations for growth…

K'Miche B says:

This confirms everything that has been happening thank you.

ansupriya nair says:

Watching at 1:11

Dazzling Diva S A. says:

Thanks you UnIvERsE for giving all I want and is good for me

Simon M says:

I keep seeing 1111 2222 222 555 or 333 all the time.

DeMaree Scobey says:

The loss of something- I lost my apartment last year, my "friends". The people in my life who were not meant for me.
Odd Request- Having an oscar winning film in the next 2-3 years. Marriage with my man.
Tough challenge- Having million dollar ideas with only 48 cents in my account. My boyfriend and I are going through individual changes….

So it should be happening soon for me!

Summer Joy Reign Cedano says:

Namaste..I needed this today…

Eyong Modest says:

Perfect the second reason has happened to me not long ago

René Lim says:

something really deep in my soul resonates with everything you said and i was so moved that i cried! i guess the universe is sending me a message by having this video pop up in my youtube home page. thank you so much.

sowmiya says:

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devin davis says:

This video put me into tears. I lost my aunt 3 days ago due to cancer. I pray for my dream career. And for my tough challenges, i started NoFap to better myself. that’s crazy

FeArlessGamingStudios says:

I literally just had my ah hah moment while watching this video ????

Suriati Supani says:

I get chills when I heard this. I was hoping to conceive again and out of the blue an old friend contacted me and she told me of a fertility clinic I should go to.

Zeus Fronteras says:

Thank You so much

Afiya Khalid says:

OMG you are so good In explaining … you have give me push that I’m on the right way .. And something really good is coming to me on my way I can feel it

Brenda Ilsley says:

Amazing it worked for me

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