3 Tips To Break BAD HABITS In 2019! Law of Attraction (The Secret)

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VP Films says:

Great advice. Thank you Ashley, this helps a ton. I guess one of my biggest things is not being able to trust. In a past relationship I learned that not only could I not trust the person I was with, but I couldn’t trust myself in the situation either. This bad thinking pattern bled into all other areas of my life. I’ve left close friendships and cut off almost every one and it’s unbelievably painful. On the surface, I would tell you I do trust and love others, but deep down there is an obvious problem and resistance. I put up barriers, and have walked into this weird ‘need power and certainty’ role to avoid the suffering. Having an open energy and love in this world some times backfires on us, but I guess the learning couldn’t have occurred had the unfavorable things not happened. I want to get out and will work towards a better future and year for myself. I desire connection now more than ever but feel as if I’m looking in the wrong places… (restaurants, bars, online dating.) In a sense I feel like the person or people will come once I forgive myself for the past and let go. An opposing side of me says no, you have to go out and MAKE it happen. I just don’t know any more.

Katy Graham says:

4 hours away from a new year 🙂 happy 2019 ❤️ God bless you

taoist40 says:

Some easy habits can take 30 days or less, but great habits take between 90 days to a year. Read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Jennifer Collins says:

Taking a course online that's going over some of this, so this is a wonderful addition! Another way to look at it.

Anita Hamlin says:

Thanks Ashley!


Thanks Ashley! You are such a bright light in my life!

Metaphysical Mike says:

Thank you so much for your helpful tips and insight
Bless you Ashley

Sara Khan says:

Amazing video as always Ashley. Happy New Year to both u and Jake xx

Lindsey Lindberg says:

Thank you Ashley! I am very new to the law of attraction and am so thankful I found your channel. Thanks for all your teachings!

Julia says:

Really appreciate this video so much Ashley 💗
I have a slew of bad habits I need to break: Listening before speaking, paying attention to detail- written or spoken (Someone tells me something important but i forget and they get upset…); spending money on things I don’t need or will benefit from, occupying time with wasteful hours of social media / electronic devices, going to sleep early without my phone, etc…

But my primary habits I need to break: Picking my lips when I have anxiety, and being truthful in every situation. I’ve been picking for 20 years (I’m 23)…I have tried EVERYTHING to stop and nothing’s helped. But i want 2019 to be the year when I finally am free of it

Would love any advice on these habits 😊

Ryan Cotner says:

Well said🙌. I am blessed to have a great group of people that invested time and expense to mend me. Along with meditation, being outside with nature has reduced my anxiety levels tremendously

Citizen X says:

Thanks so much Ashley! Manifesting my dreams in 2019 and continuing teaching on my channel so others can manifest theirs too!

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