3 Step Law of Attraction Technique For Attracting What You Want {Extremely Powerful!}

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Jake Ducey says:

Hey Everyone! Download My Free Success Hypnosis ► ► http://www.JakesHypnosis.com
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Much love!!!

Darmayati Damanik says:

I love myself

Darmayati Damanik says:

Live from the end.

Soul Journ says:

Law of Attraction does this really work? From my understanding is when we were in spirit we went before a council and chose this life…………We chose every aspect of it. That being said, what are the guidelines in our contract to changing things? I have studied many things over the last 11yrs, and the one thing I have come to realize is NO ONE has all the answers. This includes past life regressions/channeling/OBE,s/NDE/etc. I have studied the works of Edgar Cayce, Robert Monroe, Dolores Cannon, Jane Roberts, the list is long………….

Matthew Ireland Brown says:

Live from the end.

Briana Williams says:

I love myself! ×3

Briana Williams says:

😂😂😂😂. "spiritual people" and "apple orchards " . Yeah it makes sense, so crazy it's sane.

Jenny O says:

Live from the end

Tara Keele says:

Live from the end

Mr. Wayne says:

🛑 I am suspending my disbelief for 30 days.
Yesterday on day 1 I won a poker tournament and the won a buy in to a tournament in Las Vegas. When I win that they will buy my into the main event with all of the prod worth $10,000. I am THANKFUL I get to create my own experience😍

Jennifer Dalida says:

Where is thesecondmind.com?

alfredo ornai da graca Cruz says:

Live from the end

Ashlee Monique says:

I LOVE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Dalida says:

Finally figured out who you remind me of… Weird Al Yankovic.

Erickson Santos says:

I love myself

Ruth McIntyre says:

Use the second mind . I love myself .

Ruth McIntyre says:

Live from the end . You have to actually feel it . You got to do it .

Chen Labor says:

Live from the end..

Amalia Grassi says:

Live from the End <3 Thank you so much Jake! <3 I am committing right now to paying off my overdraft as of today. Thank you Thank you Thank you! My overdraft is being paid off. This is the first of many steps which are coming. Thank you! <3 I LOVE myself! <3

ChennyFromTheBlock says:

I love myself!

ChennyFromTheBlock says:

Live from the end!

Lauren Quevillon says:

Live from the end. I am rich. My bank account is growing. It is. Yes. That is true. Really. I know it is possible.

Michael Stitt says:

Im finally going to manifest my relationship back with robin

Steve Lucia says:

For 6 months I have done all your programs from water to 55×5 and vision board and nothing has happened why are these things 100% bullshit. Don't say reprogram my mind the only person who gets ahead is you by selling programs. I'm tired of this garbage prove that your videos work cause I like others feel they are nothing more than a waste of time filling peoples heads with false hope.

Blue Cherry says:

I am now visualising myself with crow wings and I have bumps on my back ! So excitedddddd !

Chi Chi says:

live from the end 👍👏🙌💋💓

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