3 Signs You Understand the Law of Attraction

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StashSpot Te says:

This fully resonated with me. I always notice that the more aware I am of things always working out for me, the more I allow good to flow to me. So is this the Universe's way of testing how we'll manage future engagements?


Good video, thank you!

dockcom says:

We're all connected 🙏🏿

Rebecca Payne says:

This is very helpful. Btw, red is definitely your color. Thanks Andrea!L

Karita 88 says:

I do and feel for these things every single day, but did not think of it as a master of LOA, more like a student who want to be a master someday 😄 So maybe I am already.

Srotoswini Paul says:

It's totally me

bhaskar kasar says:

Wonderful 👌

Khalid Waseem says:

🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞Nice and informative video …love your dress it makes you awesome
keep smiling .🕊💜🕊💜🕊💜🕊💜

Jill Overfield says:

Thank you for this it came to me at a perfect time.

Ronald Diloro says:

Positively I changed my mind Andrea as always Positively, Thanks again

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