3 Second Manifesting and Law of Attraction Explained

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Jen Nield says:

Just love you Landria! & your style. Totally get you. Thanks gurl❤️

Michele Welch says:

You are such an inspiration. Thanks for keeping it real.

Log-on Jon says:

Why is this a reupload from the 27th?

Madina Vadache says:

It’s not something you do , you only manifest what you are , what you are being 🙈

Anna Awakens says:

I'd love to hear your own story Landria. Did you have a tough life before you started using this technique? I always find hearing personal stories from adversity to triumph fascinating. Apologies if you have already made a vid on this, I'm kinda new to your channel.

Tammy Kulman says:

ty, blessings to you my friend, namaste.

Linda Roy says:

Very true. We have to take responsibility for our decisions and act accordingly. That is tough to accept at times. Have to move from the victim mentality and believe in our potential. That is a lifetime lesson.

Tanya Settel says:

I like and believe what you're saying, however wondering if your Foundation is biblical?

Teanna Raven says:

Wonderfully explained. Straight to the point. No fluff, just the truth. Your humour shines through too – I know that none of this is a joke and you are not making fun of anybody or anything – you’re just warm and good-humoured; that’s a lovely way to be and to see. Your channel is to educate people with your wisdom, I truly do not understand why people expect you to solve their problems – I honestly do not understand that. Thank you for reiterating your – our, as a collective consciousness – point with regards to manifesting the life we want, and the fact that we are all one energy. However, within that, we are all unique individual’s. We are unique and have our own opinions and beliefs, yet we shouldn’t impose those beliefs and thoughts on to other people. In love and light to you 💭📝📖✨💛🌍🙏🙏🌍💛✨📖📝💭. Teanna

Nancyray says:

I'm grateful for this person's question because it helped me.

Your a very good teacher Landria ❤️
It's easy when you can compliment or point out a student's strength, but I personally have a very hard time pointing out weaknesses to improve on. It's an extremely necessary gift to have as a teacher of any subject. I don't take you as mean at all. I don't want any bars lowered for me, I'd like to get up to people like you I admire, and without whinning about it😳
Thanks so much!

Donna Heard says:

I just don't want people think it's about sc oring points or winning if that were case I would of had him in court for maintenance etc and believe he does not struggle material wise but I know this just would create whole other set of problems for my kids so i chose not to take him to court ,some people have a problem admitting they are wrong saying sorry and learning from it this man won't do that and he does not like to lose it eats him up ,this crap I can sort so I am not s bitch I know I get angry and rant which I know and I work on that all the time but this is not over me not having money etc it's when my kids get hurt just to spite me then I get mad only natural, but hey could be worse I could still be with him 😱😱sorryfor joke jeeeeeze I feel lucky really ❤️

Sarah Robinson says:

Thanks ❤️

Donna Heard says:

Yes if you be a doormat people will go ahead and wipe their feet all over you , you know my ex I wish for him to sort it out because it makes my kids happier if he's stable and happy and I e always wished this for him as bad as he acts but I say he's going to get his due because he will not because I wish ,I can't make him act how he does not want to and I've pointed out the negative what his behaviour creates for our children and where they come first for me they don't for him and I don't stop him seeing and I encourage kids to respect maybe I do lose it and slate him iam human but I don't want those to think it's ok to be treated way he's has treated them by not respecting them many times and I want them to know the stuff he does is wrong not because he has a new girlfriend at times or iam am jealous but because I wanted those to look up to him as a dadfor the right reasons because he's a good person but it's been a losing battle he cannot be my problem how he thinks I've triedhe does not feel for others in same way I do or many it's just not there in him we must of been once or I would not of had his chdren but he is a very different man and he know right from wrong and what hurts others he don't care so,iam more than understanding and patience and seeing good and trying to bring out good in them and to wonder why they act in such a way but some people are just not like this and never will be

Donna Heard says:

I don't have to try I am what I want to be I haven't been I know this but then I was not thinking in the right way ❤️

Donna Heard says:

I am understanding this now even though I thought I did understand and I thought it was more a case of trying to remain positive but then I get it iam trying which means iam doubting by having to try ,u know what I mean but yes I understand this today 👌❤️

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