3 Myths About The Law of Attraction | Jack Canfield

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Jack Canfield says:

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Have you seen its effect in your life? Leave me your answer here. And if you'd like, download my FREE Law of Attraction guide here: http://bit.ly/32stxHX

Danko Nešović says:

Thank you, sir, for these insights. ????

Gus7avo Diniz says:

I am reading The Secret Aladim and The Key Of LOA all by Jack Canfield

carol graham says:

Very inspiring

E S says:

I tried it in earnest. It DID not work and I've tried numerous methods. It's not a "law" if it doesn't work for everyone.

Bernadette Alvarado says:

I believe in the Law of attraction! ????
It has moved me from Chicago to Santa Cruz California ????

I absolutely love the awakening I’m experiencing here with my family!

Thank you ???????????????? Jack for sharing your love and knowledge for those who believe. These are simply great tools to take one and teach one ☝️

Thank you!

Lynda Schroeder says:

Thanks. Hard for someone who is old, ill and with almost nothing

Hiral Shah says:

Hello Sir! I am from India. I have read The Secret & my whole life changed. I have got amazing results by using LOA. I have set 30 Goals in my life, before 2 years & 4 of them are already fulfilled. I can come out of Thalassemia major disorder by using LOA, MEDITATION, VISUALIZATION since 1 year & 5 months. Thanks for sharing this video ????

Aida Roldan says:

Hi Jack! Love the way you explain ideas clearly and easy to understand. The law of attraction is always working like miracles happens every day but depending on what we focus on and are aware of is what we see. Thanks!

Moses Karema says:

Oh my… you have made my day as usual.

Kevin McCourt says:

I believe in the law of attraction and have seen it work in my life. You just need to quiet the noise of everyday society and focus on what you want in your life. It requires work and a positive mindset but it really is possible to make things happen.

El Barrrio Boxing Club, CTX says:

I believe and I have received

Ngư Nguyễn Văn says:

Great Video! I am so happy and grateful for watching and sharing the wisdom content to everyone!

Finding The Bliss says:

Thank you, Jack, for another inspiring video. As a firm believer of the Law of Attraction, I also know that sometimes it is not so easy to stay aligned and in the correct emotional vibration. To way I see it, messages like this are little gifts from the Universe to help me stay on track. May you always be protected by divine light.

Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny says:

Loveable! Answers Believe, effect, Right

Graceful Speech says:

Thanks Jack ????????????…. i feel inspired ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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