3 MINUTE FORGIVENESS EXERCISE ✅How To Forgive Quickly using Law of Attraction Forgiveness Technique

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Awesome AJ says:

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Fantastic Ashu says:

AJ…. Ur the best…..!!!!!!!!!!…!!! ?????

Rita Sungbahadoor says:

Thank u AJ u r my angel that God has send u to me for all my answer thank u thank u

rohit waingankar says:

Excellent….just on time u made this video

kalpana sharma says:

Can I get a like from you AJ? Pls pls

Aakanksha Rai says:

Yes , I wanted this vedio .Ty Ty Ty tysm universe and aj . AJ your vedio just changed my life . I have no words to thank u

Naveen Khare says:

want to have sleep. I can't sleep alone and from saturday ownwards I will be in my hostel. I need a technique to attract a sleep.
Sir help me pleaseeeesssesesssssssse???????????????????????????????

Mani Rajput says:

It's so help full….I needed this ? ..Thanku thanku …., Awesome aJ …?

Yes….I'm…….Waiting for this…, ?. .
I'm felling so peaceful

Subham Shaw says:

I want to over come from laziness… Help me

Avinash Pahuja says:

Please reply soon sir

Avinash Pahuja says:

Hey, aj i have had a broken relationship a few month back and have started applying the law of attraction from a few weeks. Trying my level best and getting out of all the negativity from my life slowly and steadily amd know that i will menifest my relatiship back and heal it. I just wanted to ask yout that she has her bday which is tomorrow so should i wish her and gift her flowers if i want to. Will that be okay to do. It is gonna affect my manifestation process?

Pinky Upadhyay says:

Hey all.. Day by day my thoughts are positive. Aj the way u talking deeply in every topic is the best way.. Thanx for explaining each and every word.. Every single word.. Heal ur heart program is help a lot.. It is my own own experience.. Today is my 16th day.. And I am feeling being love.. Being positive.. Thanx to aj and his team.. Bless u all for ur work… We all r love u..

jeeru srinivasarao says:

Hi aj.i wanna meet you

Sayani Sarkar says:

hello AJ Sir.. I have smthng to ask… i am appearing for an important exam within 2 months… i am studying.. but i want get all 100 questions common..should i ask for random 100 ques or exact 100 questions? please reply….

Shruti Katanalli says:

AJ thanks i was menifesting my husband to come back to me as we had lot of missunderstanding, bt yesterday my husband came to see me thanks aj, really law of attraction works?

Ambily Viswambharan says:

Yes… Yes… AJ… I am waiting for this video…. Thanks a lot…

sanjeev sharma says:

Yes yes yes it works like a magic I'm feeling free after did this
Thank you aj thank you universe

Sana Tanzeem says:

I didn't requested this video but I am the one of those who needed this badly.
Thank You Sir.

JJ SS says:

Thank u for this video

I'm precious Sargam says:

Aj plz make video on subliminals…. ❤

Zarina Shubh says:

Thank you Thank you Thank you AJ for this useful video. It will help me a lot

Ajay Kumar says:

Yes sir a am waiting for this
Thank you aj
Thank you universe

Khamborlang Nononeng says:

I want to drop all my anger.thanks you aj sir

Anil Rajput says:

Its my 3rd day of watching ur video n today i got vibration on my body while sending her messages it like magic on me tht i m calling her via emotions thanku AJ Sir i practicing daily 3 times a day frm 2 days n wil do it practicing daily till i dnt achieve my love back

Shrikant Agale says:

Thx sir for Dis video

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