3 Messages The Universal Law of Attraction Wants You To Know | The Secret (LIFE-CHANGING!)

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Jake Ducey says:


Elisa Levine says:

Love the messages!!!

Sarita Pandey says:

Jake you give us whole new reason to live life in a better way.. thanks a lot.. do give a video of how to avoid distraction in work we want to do,how to concentrate.. love from India ?

Susie Bessey says:

Here's what I think. You have the most Beautiful Blue Eyes!!! ?

Chiara Prayitno says:

Thank you for this beautiful message Jake, it really touches my heart I weeped… Cos it makes me realize how I have been cruel to myself all this time by not forgiving myself for the mistakes I made in the past, while actually the Source, the mother of all creations has forgive me and giving me chances, that's why I am here and now and sending this comment to you! I knew that this guilt has been sabotaging me and making me feel unworthy and holding myself back from having everything I deserve in this beautiful journey called life… Thank you, peace and love always for you, from Bali!

Nu T says:

wow Jake you've reached 101k subscribers! Congrats!

Dimples Manifest says:

Awesome! We have to unlearn to relearn… Vibrate higher. ??? Keep up the positive energy! ?

Arya ks says:

Thank you Jake….

Coral Schieve says:

Challenges are my perfect destiny to transform me into the greatest I can be! Whoot!

Neil Goloy says:

Hi Jake, It's like trying to take a bigger bite out of the apple than the usual, so to speak. The C type goal is a bit scary because in this case I wouldn't know what I'm doing…. what a big risk that would be….I'm like falling out of an aeroplane without a bloody parachute. Lol! Scary as it sounds, it is exciting I must say… 🙂

Krishna says:


John L says:

Jake your videos are so inspiring. Thank you so much!!!

elias khater says:

Hi Jake ..thanks for the vid..
So pumped..love it..a question for you once one down loads the hypnosis mp3 clip how soon will they notice a change..is there some sort of a limit? ?? Maybe a dump question but I am Certainly anticipating a change for the better in this life of mine!

aditya bandekar says:

Congratulations for ? k subscribers Jake ??

Noor Noor says:

Thank you Jake for sharing is very good

Kevin Gordon says:

Great message to start the up coming year! Keep feeding the beast?

SMITHA V says:

Please blessing me jake…….

Cynthia DuBois says:

Amen! All the tough stuff has a positive message, and once we are able to know this, we will transcend. http://createchangewithcynthia.com/enhance-life-adjusting-perspective/

nora gie says:

Really buzzzzz , my MOD thank youuuuuuuu so muchhhhhh ????

Rosanne Steeneken says:

Thanks Jake!
Actually love the short and clear video! Long great haha. But this short one before bed just does it!
Greetings and love from Holland

West Ham fan says:

Thank you 🙂 for this video

West Ham fan says:

Awasome video my bro Jake 🙂

debdo1960 says:

Oh yeah…..working on a "c" dream. I use to think I was too old, but this past year, I have broken through the age thing. Now I am working on breaking through my limits.

Bab bon says:

I'm going to live forever , today

SAVANNA_soul-VICE says:

thank you for sharing daily. We so appreciate it.

Ivy Baffoe says:

Just what I need for next year

Advocate Siddharth Dev says:

Thank you Jake keep it up

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