3 law of attraction tips for love…

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oliver rojas says:

Tip #1 More on how to love yourself

Angela Romero says:

Self love !!!!!!

Sabrina Nes says:

Please explain more about the 3rd tip (last one) and tips to go about it.
Thank you for all your videos!

James Malins says:

This is a great video 🙂 are you a coach?

Dan Peck says:

Good reminders! Thank you. 🙂 My vote for a deeper-dive would be for tip #1, Self-Love. <3

Universe Says says:

Thanks. How can one deflect the attention from people that they are not attracted to? I don’t even think about these men that are not my type but I find it invasive when they constantly flirt with me or show me unwanted attention. How do I only attract those that I am attracted to?

MissFeliciaaaa says:

Can you elaborate on being picky? Other LOA youtubers keep saying to make a list of specific things that you want in a soulmate and I’m confused

Jessica Brosig says:

Being picky…the 3rd tip. Please elaborate. Much love!

Leah Le Gall says:

Hey Andrea, What i don't understand which i was told by a medium if that i need to NOT seek qualities such as i need my husbands help with my life project because he has qualities that are work in progress within me. if I was 100% complete within my self why have teacher (Lovers, friends, healers etc) at all? I feel like i will never be 100% and I am content in the work in progress and learning i am doing. For example he needs to able to clam – to calm be down when i am being to fiery however in the way to remind me to be calm in a situation i would be over fiery. Ta! and much love!

Kim V. says:

Never enough of self love. So, #1 ?

super star says:

I am working on 1 and 3 but 2,I can only be open to interracial relationships or my ideal partner …someone my age or young it's a no no for me except if they are my soul mate then I would change my mind #youcantpinmedown #pisces

Sharon Ledwith says:

Self love for sure! Thank you!

Jonathan Gardner says:

I say openness, u go into self love a lot thru your vids.

Shaswati Chattopadhyay says:

Hi Andrea
Thanks so much. Am a regular follower of all your videos n they truly resonate with me.
In this one, believe I understand all the points particularly pt-2) especially as spent almost 7+7 yrs of life waiting for one specific guy who never turned up ?
I got over it and started truly dating only after I turned 40…??
I have done many courses to break this resistance as barring love am pretty much able to manifest everything fast ..sometimes truly at lightening speed as one of your video stated also is very much possible.
I have learnt a bit of pt-1 and pt-3 over the years.. but definitely would like to know your detailed perspectives on both particularly affirmations or vows to manifest especially if the thing is old, and as you say in other videos…gathered resistance around it
Many thanks in advance for same ??

Reuben Lowing says:

They have to be into me but that is when the discovery starts

MD. Hasib Al Islam says:

1.Self love
3.mirror back true love – respect – care to you ?

MD. Hasib Al Islam says:

<3 u coach, ANDREA

Veena Sorte says:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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