3 Days To Transform Your Body (Law of Attraction Fast Results!) & Alignment Tips

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Nitish Kumar says:

Aap isko hindi m v bnaiye plzz

Technical Larki says:

this gave me so much home . thank you 🙂

luvprue1 says:

Can I use this for breast reduction?

Isha Ali says:

Can you please talk more about the soothing method, when a person is negative, the words you should use..?? Thankyou…♡

Nolan Emmanuel Villegas says:


luvprue1 says:

Is it possible to reduce breast size using this technique?

Gladys Rosario says:

Works. I went to Puerto Rico with a little belly. After 2 days I had a flat belly. I could not believe that was possible until that moment.

sudhanshu bagde says:

Thankyou so much this is the most simplest vedio i have ever seen thankyou so much

gary of the family fitzpatrick says:

Do you look in the mirror ant talk to your body , would that help.

greenpathro says:

You are simply beautiful!!

Deleted says:

Can this work with subliminals?


One great tip… stop eating junk food????

Caroline C.卓豫婷 says:

I really want to manifest a height increase to 5 feet and 7.5 inches tall

zara fernandez says:

Thank you soooo much dear. I now literally feel that the things that I used to think were permanent can change and that too in a good way.????????

Hiya Sharma says:

But how can you manifest things by just thinking? Like if I wanna lose weight I'll have to hit the gym and make some changes to my diet. But on the other hand if I keep visualising that I have manifested my dream body without doing anything then how will my body change?

jenkins simmer says:

How many things can you manifest at a time?? Please answer

Sakshi Jagdale says:

You are so beautiful ????

D Lim says:

this video is fantastic and so are you. love and light more success stories please. thanks alot.

Noopur Singh says:

Love you Juliet. I feel truly blessed to come across you. Love your videos and how they've reminded me of so much I can do for myself! ????

Raven Ravella says:

Anxiety and depression are rampant these days and are not caused by only external factors but also some sort of internal functions. They don't just desist becase someone wants them to, this eems like it would block success to what you success.

Julia Gem says:

Wow, I love everything you say in this video! The factors involved all help enormously w/self love, which is of utmost importance, I’m learning on my spiritual path! Relaxation, being in alignment with our inner happiness, is all going to have enormous benefits in every area of our life! I can see how this could work! Videos of your changes would be nice to see, but like I said, the benefits of doing this are going to be far reaching! I really thank you and I’m def going to start practicing this! Blessings and love to you! ????????????????❣️????????????

GEMMA Didit says:

OK…so…like…I've been watching bird videos…and what happens to me now is that when my circumstance or mood drops …my mind flashes on some sweet or absurd bird behavior and I just have to LAUGH! Like there's this big red bird who gets handed all kinds of items…examines them thoroughly…and pronounce emphatically…HAT! So I'll look at something that would otherwise piss me off…and my mind blurts…HAT! This is my way of soothing myself. I JUST GO TOTALLY RANDOM! …you're welcome…

Priyata Mukherjee says:

May be it's true…. ❤️
But it's not easy to practice and do it by 3 or 4 days.
To control self mind is the most difficult thing…..

Rachna Anand says:

???????? lovely… Tnq for positive energies. Voice is slow, pls maintain, use mic.

sleepy head says:

i started to say to myself – 'i love you' and it feels good 🙂

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