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Dimitra G says:

Happy Birthday Emma!!! ????????????
Hope you had an amazing day, wishing you abundance in all domains of your life xx

Suzanne Mayo says:

Wishing you a wonderful birthday ????????

Go Tube says:

Happy Birthday Beautiful Emma! ????

Your Worst Nightmare says:

Hi. I’m Carrie. If I’m honest, I’m a little bit tipsy right now. But I felt connected to you for many reasons. One of them was, you’re the same age as my older sister, so I instantly looked up to you and wanted to be like you because I’m just a little shit and I don’t know who I am yet. But I do know that the idea of living a life like you live, fills me up. But I have absolutely no idea how you do it. I don’t know how to set up a business. But the idea of working a nine to five job kills my soul, and I’m not even doing it yet. The bottom line is, I deeply admire you, and the way you talk about manifestion and the law of attraction really speaks to me. I’m Scottish, and you’re clearly English (lovely accent, btw). I would travel to England just to hear your advice, but if also talk to you any way possible. Something about you makes me really trust you and I subscribed and binge watched you instantly

andy Baillie says:

I only found you yesterday first things first happy birthday I hear n feel every word you say we live and learn and we are who we are and I love me I'm so greatfull positive energy I only live the life I want not what I'm told I can have I have and continue to have in a abundance I'm so greatfull big hugs n loves for your words you have amazing energy oh and your gorgeous xxx

Sal Shan says:

Happy birthday!!!!

Teresa Nguyen says:

I have the same birthday as you! Happy Birthday!

Ralph Camacho says:

Happy Birthday Emma ???? ????????????????. Many Blessings are coming your way, Enjoy!!!

Laura says:

And the video is 26 minutes long… ????????

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