2019 – Why We Have To Say Goodbye To Abraham Hicks

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Inspired says:

✅Thank you so much for watching 🙏🏽
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Michael Harrington says:

E-mail list with subcribers can be a new channel

Victoria Nilsen says:

Loa you need to focus on Law of Attraction. Abraham or not. You could put a clip to an Abraham Link in your description box. Do not put more energy into being controlled. It's not about that we are getting a message across what we think about we bring about your doing a great job have a little snippet about yourself or what the next clip is about in the description box and post the Abraham clip in the description box if you need to. Obviously you're doing a great job and we are getting a lot of attention about focusing Direction in a feel-good manner

Kat Bailey says:

Thank you very much. I love your channel. Looking forward to this new journey with you xo

Cheryl Hiscoe says:

I am.looming forward to hearing people's stories about how everything is working out

Infini-D says:

Things are always working out for you! I've not been a hotseater yet, but I live and breathe the teachings every day. If it feels resonant to you I'd love to see if we would click in an interview/inspired conversation setting.
Much love and appreciation to you and congratulations with the transition! I trust that you are supported every step of the way 😁😁🌈✨❤

HellBelleATX says:

Lots of love and light, dear friends. You guys follow your heart. Do you. Expand and grow. 💗❤️💗

Nokulunga Guliwe says:

What's the music on the background? I love it 🙌🌌love and light, you'll flourish 💖😊

Mind Bender says:

Yes! Yes and yes!

Silverdoe26 M says:

Thank you for communicating this message. I can feel your passion behind this channel and I am excited about what is to come! Thank you so much!!

Jesus Antolin says:

These vids are the reason I pay for YouTube.. maybe move to Vimeo?

Debra Cisneros, HHP says:

Can you please explain what is "eucy"? Somehow I missed that boat! 😹😹🙌🙌🙌😺

Ivonne Prischmann says:

Guess that`s Step 5 😉

Julie Kolker says:

Friends, you cannot delete all of this precious content. There has got to be a way to assure the right to keep it on. Abraham's content is historical, sacred, precious. We should keep it on. I understand if this changes so that you don't put new Abraham content, as long as it keeps flowing somewhere, but it is not right that you should delete what is already there and that has already been so important in so many lives.

I would like to know how to support the right to keep on with what has already been loaded.

Love you, Thank you, Bless you ❤

Bahareh Heidari says:

God bless you guys so much for bringing content to us! I am sooooo grateful for YouTube and everyone in it! Love to all 🙏🏼🌈🤟🏼

Babalwa Tyalimpi says:

Something new and better to create. Love you always

The Vegan Owl Food Brand says:

❤️ Looking forward to you sharing your inspiration ❤️

Cathy Cremas says:

Awe I’m so disappointed. Love Abraham from your channel.

Lillian Hulse says:

Disappointed, you-tube is how I was brought together with Abraham, and I have been learning so much from these videos. Listening to Abraham has changed my life for the better. Love to all.

D van der Heiden says:

Thnxx for all the work you did, good luck and a lot of insperation! The world is changing, Think Differend 😉

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