132. The Law of Attraction

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Krystian says:

My ex is checking my instagram stories everyday everytime i post something but from fake account she made some time ago, also she added me on Snapchat from fake account. I also think that she is mirroring everything i do, i mean, if i post something, she does the same, if im going to a concert and she knows about it she is going to club with friends. She still has my big teedy bear on her bed cause i see on photos and she also posts photos in clothes i gave her. We were together for 1,5y. She broke up with me a month ago, im doing no contact for 3 weeks now, is there a chance she will contact me or something? Last part of break up was bad cause she was trying to get me Jealous and i get mad and deleted her on FB and instagram.

Ezekiel V says:

Can you do High School breakups?

Rexita Patricia. says:

Yup yup yup. 1000% agree with u. Universe n manifestation will do nothing unless we do the actual work. Personally I don't believe in law of attraction. We do the work n universe takes the credit. ? Just my thought…

Tom G says:

The law of attraction as widely presented I believe, is a simplistic misinterpretation of quantum mechanics (based on the 'many universes' or 'multiverse' interpretation). The idea of 'multiverse jumping'… even if that interpretation is true, there still exists the reality of each universe where a person did not get that desire, and 'your' consciousness most probably exists in a universe (because of the almost infinite number of universes), where your desire did not occur. The less chance of your desire (eg being presented with a million dollars from nowhere is quite unlikely), the less chance your consciousness will experience that event. Essentially then, unless you are 'happy' just knowing that there is a 'version' of 'you' experiencing that particular desire in a universe out of the many universes, you end up with the 'classical' universe result… ie Rorys far far more useful interpretation of experience and results. (My thoughts based on my experience in both studying and teaching quantum physics).

Biotuned Music says:

How it really works: Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it, and your actions increases the momentum.

Brian U. says:

Any great vid Rory, Life, relationships are part of journey. Thank you for the kind words !

wutang23361 says:

It's worked for me

Jana Arrieta Borges says:

Hi, I like almost all your videos, but here you are completely wrong. You didn't understood AT ALL, how the law of atraction works. It doesn't mean that you sit on the chair and just believe in something. It means that by your frequency of positive thaughts you atract better possibilities to take an inspirared action! The law of atraction works for 100% as for example the law of gravity do. You just have to know how to use it!
I am sorry for my english, which is not my native language.

Alyssa Hawk says:

My ex said that I made him suicidal and every day he was with me, he wanted to kill himself. We’ve been separated for 6 weeks and he claims to finally have found “peace, himself and happiness.”

I’m not sure what to think, does anyone have any advice? I am devastated that I could have hurt him so bad from my neediness. I have been struggling with depression, ptsd and suicidal thoughts for years.. this has made it so much worse.

bzerkermustdie says:

Rory I total agree, you delivered this beautifully ❤. Btw I am from the UK, you helped me and coached me by email and I want to tell you that I don't want my ex back anymore. Cheaters are not worth getting back. Thank you Rory. ❤

Marcos García says:

Man, you are truly the best if not one of the best channels out there about love, emotions and exs back. Along with dating guy or coach Lee imo. Just promoting the self love, not only to maximize the chance of take your ex back, but do it in a healthy way for both and specially for u. And if not, you'll be okay because you've been working on yourself. And at the end of the day you get into a relationship just to improve your life. Working on you is another great and more direct way to do so.

Thank you for showing us the light at the end of tunnel

Gmacrusher says:

Hey Rory, I never seen that documentary. However, I believed that the law of attraction was to first do that meditation step about what you want and embody it, THEN put in the work and that's how you'll get what you want. Thanks for clearing things out man! Keep up the amazing work!

Forherself says:

But what you literally just said is the law of attraction.. people think law of attraction is about sitting down and meditating. If you actually learn about it , it’s about believing you have something but also detatching from those thoughts and working on yourself, self love and creating high vibrations that match up to your desires. So it’s not actually bad or “manipulative” at all. It’s pretty helpful.

Hoka Corndancer Hawkeyes says:


Robert Johnson says:

3:25 that's very ineffective*

DevinBellROCKS says:

Can you do a video on why exes go through wild phases and what the root is? Thanks Rory.

DevinBellROCKS says:

Personal growth is everything. You win no matter what. I’m learning so much through this season of life.

vlashe24 says:

The law of attraction doesnt say u sit and get obssesed with what u want. It teaches you to use positive thought when u have desires u wanna fullfill and by no means it says u just think of that and magically it appears. In order to understand it, you need to go and dig bit more then just watching the secret. It teaches you whatever goal u set for yourself, you set it with positive outcoume, positive thoughts, you dont think of failures or negative outcome and you WORK your way to what you wanna acomplish. The law of attraction actually says let it go and focus on yourself. I really respect you as you and dating guy are the only relationship coaches I watch, but i dont agree on this one. Changing my mindset was and still is one of the most difficult thing, but it was and still is sth that keeps me going after a big trauma. Law of attraction its not just the secret!

Sha Li says:

I believe if you want something you should fight for it by having a positive attitude. Fight for a good fight. Stay strong

Eyüp AVCI says:

Thanks for the video Rory. I believe the law of attraction is a really deep topic, but there's not much science behind it, yet. The thing is, thoughts create feelings, feelings generate actions, and actions create our lives. When we meditate, we become aware of our thoughts. And with the law of attraction, we mindfully change the direction of our thoughts from what we don't want to what we want. And this is big, really big. Because, we start to believe that we can have the kind of life we want, and we start working on it.

Tayyaba Vance says:

Totally agree! you the best Rory❤️

The SmokeCriminal says:

What’s up Rory, I rly need ur help!!!
My crush who has friendzoned me is
Driving me nuts!!! I have been thinking about her for about 2 months already and I’m not fully over her!!! I have tried to apply the no contact rule, but it doesn’t seem to work!!! How can I make her like me back?

A H says:

So true! If your only sitting alone in your room your left with your thoughts and you only make yourself worse. You build up high expectations and then when they don't come true you become worse. Also if they did come back there's no physical and mental improvement on you. You haven't made the change needed. I learned this through my depression and my mind was awful playing so many tricks on me. So now I'm getting fitter and I don't take naps as often. Still haven't heard a word but these changes I'm making are for me. And they all help me within later in life and if I were to fall into a dark depression again

Olga J says:

One of the secret Einstein theories :))

TheFujiwuji says:

HEEEELLL-O, this is Rory from…

MGTOWFacts says:

In 2 days its going to be 2 months no contact we only knew each other for 14 weeks

No Reply says:

Hard work pays off, everytime.
If it's just given to you — you won't value it compared to the things you worked hard for it. I'm believer of the saying "hard work pays off"

Shuhana K says:

You covered a very good point on manifesting rory.

yoshi mesho says:

Guys why did my ex who dumped me unfollowed me on instagram one month after the breakup even tho I didn't reach out or talked to her since the breakup also I didn't post anything since the breakup and deactivated my facebook account I didn't update any information about myself, could anyone tell me wth is this

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