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Tina Chanel says:

Ur so amazing! Thanks for inspiring me to create my own channel this year. Have a Happy New Year!

aparna sharma says:

luking beautiful ney

Bimmerbabe says:

Ney I love your new look. You a beautiful inside and out. I want to say thank you so much for your videos. I have been doing a gratitude journal since beginning of month and it's changed so much for me so fast. Love you xoxo

Iris Splendid says:

Love your vdo ❤️

Sequoia Waterbury says:

Seek Jesus he's calling you!

Kanto Maeva R says:

thank you so much! love your videos a lot xo

Beatriz G. says:

This video just put me in a better mood. Thanks, Ney! I hope you have an amazing 2018 and your hair looks amazing! 🙂

Carla L says:

I’ve watched videos on these subjects trying to grasp the concept ….Your video has the Best explanations of each of these steps!??

Candace Jones says:

Best Video of the Year!! Loved it

Jerry Capps Capps says:

May you b blessed forever when I wish this for everyone I see I become blessed

Ankita Nigam says:

Girl you raise my vibration ?

Purnima Prasad says:

I'm absolutely loving your new look? Absolutely Fab and yay!!! I love the way you point out techniques for LOA❤

John M says:

I've been practicing the loa for a couple of weeks, and I've incorporated two techniques to increase productivity and examine what's good about any situation instead of what's not good. I use the Feynman technique, and Mel Robbins' #5secondrule.

Carla Font says:

You don't have idea of how helpful and meaningful are these vids! thank you sooooo much ily <3

Anastasia Ligka says:

I LOVE YOU!!!!everything was great and you are again sooooo right!!!! And however you do your hair you are an Angel. My God soooo clever!!! I don't have a Twitter so please don't forget us !!!????????????

J aeb says:

Yes thank you sooo much. Amazing

la_ivana says:

Give day is such a good idea! Thank you so much for sharing, I always learn something new from your videos 😀 And I love the new background with a fire place 🙂

James Mall says:

Great video Ney. I just started following you on Twitter. Loving the new haircut 🙂

ConquerIITJEE says:

Hey, would you like to do a guest video for my channel. Please write to me at [email protected]conqueriitjee.in my subs will learn a lot from you and you shall get some fans from India. Please do let me know.. I have around 24k active subscribers.

Stephan Cortani says:

Thank you great thoughts of the Law of Attraction??????

Orange mint Pop says:

I love your loa videos and you look great. What lip product are you using?

maha pakhand says:

Hi can v increase height with LAO…pls make a spl video if possible…

Winterberry25 says:

Love the new haircut!

Metaphysical Mike says:

Your videos are the best <3

Righteous1 says:

looking sexy

Smyrne Hawkinson says:

This was very helpful. I'm going to incorporate the manifestation list into my routine… I really like your hair ?

vicky98xoxo says:

Love your videos so much Ney <3

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