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Supreme Banana says:

What are you manifesting?✨?

CrazyCupCake991 says:


Nyajuok kueth says:

I am the highest paid model and I help people become their greatest versions ?

CLNA says:

SO well put together not to mention those fire earrings!! did you manifest those? lol

Sierra Quinton says:

cami!! i loved the style of this video!! and you made me laugh hahaha thank you ???

Melissa Schirmer says:

omg can you please start a podcast you would be so frickin good at it

City Grave says:

We love a manifesting queen!??????

JAZMIN says:

You’re amazing Cami!! I feel the love you have for people man!! Thanks for these amazing tips!!!! ✨??✨

Lauren Elloise says:

8:27 made me giggle ? you’re so cute and I am really enjoying watching this kind of stuff. It’s really helping me with where I’m currently at. I appreciate ittttttt

anirudh muthuraman says:

Hello Ms.Cami I am new to your channel..I have a doubt … So u keep visualising your goal daily but u stop thinking about in what way it is going to occur right?? Is that is what you are saying??… So even after I let go of expectations can I still visualise?? Pls answer it would be really helpful

pppotatoes says:

Good luck, every asshole who watched the John Oliver episode about psychics is about to come yell at you lol

Nicole DeSimone says:

I am a successful clinical psychologist doing amazing research that is helping the lives of people

Robert Garbe says:

Centers for spiritual living?

Nicolette Maas says:

Projectme with Tiffany has many podcasts on manifesting that are amazing! Love videos like this Cammie, thanks!

Also, I’m moving to San Diego soon, so idk if you’re still there anymore but hopefully I run into you at a vegan restaurant sometime! ?

Rebecca Gypseysol says:

“Keeping manifestations to yourself” really resonated with me. I’ve learned to keep my dreams to myself too. Ppl can be so negative and really bring you down. That’s not helpful lol. Shoutout to the ppl who never do that to me, and support me?????

Adam Protz says:

I’d love to know if LOA feels different after your Aya ceremonies?

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