【Ho'oponopono荷歐波諾波諾音樂】自性本我, 心智和宇宙的基礎 零極限 Ho'oponopono Music Self Awareness “I” Am The “I” OWAU NO KA

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Jake Bee says:


Bronson lkm says:

Thanks, Great visual video! Sounds good n light, it's heals the mind, body n soul.This meditative moment, stress relief just wonderful. The scenes of nature are beautiful lovely n peaceful. Perfection good, best soothing for relaxation n deep meditation. Infinite love!????????

林月揚 says:

悠遠 而寧靜致遠 心胸舒暢
只是音樂的銜接處(起始)音頻太大(心境有被重新拉回) 影響一點點

Emily 音樂天地 says:

太美妙啦, 謝謝

李秋玫 says:


pei xie says:


鄒瑞玲 says:


何思嘉 says:

非常好聽~很放鬆 感謝分享^^

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