✅Why & How The Law of Attraction Really Works – They Never Told You This

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I am love says:

Write it and argue with it. I will do that thank you so much. Your channel is the most unique better then the rest.

Marianne Browne says:

Thank you this was informative and powerful ?

Sia Alawieh says:

my native language is not English, if i order an audio to program my subconscious mind, will it understand that English?

Stephanie Perry says:

That was great! Thank you so much for this one!

Vasantha Sarawanan says:

Thank you Sir…simply beautiful!

Chris says:

You could be right…At least for yourself. That’s a powerful statement.

Mel Roshd says:

Taking control of your subconscious mind

nancy rodrigue says:

Law of attraction should be a subject taught in school just like math and English.
Would be more profitable than some useless
subjects where we just learn stuff by heart, spit it on the exam and forget everything the next day.

Anita Carter says:

Another awesome video… Love your enthusiasm and your energy!! ???

Anita Carter says:

Our thought are POWERFUL!! ? ??✨✨✨?✨

♍ ♌ SuperWolfgirl86 ♋ ♎ says:

Mahalo Robert and Rachelle!!

Mila says:

This opened my eyes

Sona Sonu says:

Thanks so much you are like angel for me and very positive ❤

Richard Eason says:

This is a fantastic video. It made me think back to when I unintentionally manifested wonderful things into my life, and I realise now what my thought processes were, so I feel I've had a bit of a breakthrough. I'm definitely watching my thoughts more and putting the specific thought I used back then in place of my recent pessimistic thoughts. Thanks Robert. 🙂

Chris Carter says:


Fraidy Cat says:

Maifesting comes from your subconscious mind. What is in your life is coming from of your subconscious mind not your conscious mind. Stop negative thoughts so you don't manifest negative things in your life.

Elena Stepanova says:

Love your energy, Robert. Thanks for your videos, i do enjoy watching it.

Isis Star says:

You add so much value with your content, thank you guys ???

Marilena Svolaki says:

I agree… I reply something similar when I hear that I cannot do something. "We have Dimocracy. I respect your opinion but does not match to my goals. Maybe you are right but I will try it".

pema choden says:

Wow amazing video. Thank you Robert for being great mentor to me and all those people you believe in you n your hypnosis audio is very helpful to me ❤️❤️????????

TheMannu81 says:

Thank you so much you're video give all answer of questions

Valeria Vali says:

Thank you ?❤️❤️❤️❤️???

student tolearn says:

Aladdin's lamp i noticed today ! Love it!

sanskriti Kadam says:

thank you… i needed this the most.

সুৰঞ্জন মেধি says:

Very insightful

Dr.Cheryl Cuttineau says:

Lovely shirt

Asvi priya says:

Man with a beautiful mind.. Creating many more beautiful minds

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