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Phic wills says:

Happens to me usually when am moving in the streets at night looking a people move. I really wana feel that moment, i feel like i feel it but not fully

SMG says:

Another amazing video Mr. P. This resonated so powerfully as I have also had stuff come up around controlling the future etc. Had to share this one with my networks as it is so timely. Thank you for sharing this nugget of goodness.

Unknown SocietysReject says:

Thank you so much for sharing this. Total resonance. Anger = control.

Unknown SocietysReject says:

Thank you so much for sharing this. Total resonance. Anger = control.

Iammday says:

Im dealing with a serious breakup after 4 yrs i really feel this video

Claudia Dalchow says:

This is SO TRUE!!!! Thank you so much. Greetings and blessings from Germany.

TheamazingPK says:

Needed this. Thanks.

harvard gazmabi says:

You have Mana I respect that I will keep listening to

harvard gazmabi says:

Hey man what the f*** I just discovered you on YouTube what you are saying in this video is hitting on point with what I'm going through right now thanks for the message I'm reveling in my fear and trying to become best friends with it

Stephen Ellis says:

This Really Hit home Currently with a situation I’m Going through. Amazing Message.

Louise C. says:

Yes! Thank you ☺️

Connie Smith says:

Alright Preston, this is such a powerful message! Thx so much for this video, absolutely love it ❤️. Need to remind myself of this daily!!!


Thank you Preston it’s all working in our favor no matter how we feel about it. Thank you☺️?

Sanya Sohail says:

Need to share this with everyone I know. So freaking important.

Sanya Sohail says:

was just on a call with my coach and we were talking about control. SO SO SO true. It's time to just be in the flow and trusting the divine.

Inder says:

Thank you brother!

MurphMagic says:

You da man Preston, message on point as usual !!!!!!

Jaccobtw says:

Alright, Bishop Preston

savanna love says:


Jayda Aster says:

This landed so hard. I needed this. I'm crying.

bitti whop says:

Thanks bro ? I needed this

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