✅The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Affirmations For Health and Healing

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Awesome AJ says:

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Faiqa Mubeen says:

Wow Thank Youuu you're amazing!!!

Ranju ranju says:

Hi AJ… Can I manifest my husband dreams pls ans me

Neeta Ayer says:

Thank you so much AJ sir?
Was thinking abt dis video only n u made it ?wil appreciate if u make more videos on health issue….
Bt tysm fr dis video

Madhu Shree says:

I have requested for this video 🙂 Thank u Thank u Thank u awesome aj sir 🙂

rajkumar pahade says:

AFFIRMATIONS are so powerful..
AFFIRMATIONS keep me Always positive..
Thank you Thank you Thank you so much to AJ for giving us important affirmations..so I'm MANIFESTING MY Dreams and Desires easily..
Tysm Tysm Tysm UNIVERSE..

Shubhra sanag says:

Hello awesome i am seeing anjel no. 111,222,333,444 and many more ??? i am so happy…

Gayatri Sahu says:

I am healthy, whole and complete.

Ashimashri Goel says:

Sinus infection killing me since age 5 , help me

Tendel Zan says:

Sir iam so greateful for my health thank you thank you thank you thank you so much Awesome Aj

pratima banaudha says:

Mishraji gud going

Lisa Marie says:

Dis-ease of the body is when the energy in the body is not as ease. That’s why disease manifests when you’re negative generally. Angry, frustrated, unforgiving, stress etc. The thoughts and feelings control the energy in the body. Exercise daily even a 20 min brisk walk or dancing to your fave music for 10 mins helps your cells to function well. The inner being likes positivity. Be grateful every day for EVERYTHING. Everyone has a lot to be grateful for no matter what’s happening in their lives. If they are sick they can be grateful for food a job etc. If they lost a job they can be grateful for their friends, good health etc ???

Kartavya Shah says:

I was waiting for this AJ thank you 🙂 🙂 <3

Shree Grateful says:

I was waiting for this Video . Much needed Video. Thank you Thank you thank you AJ ??


Thank you AJ ….GOD bless! !

Ankita Karnani says:

Thank you??

Managment funda says:

Aj what is the secret behind number 9 because gita has 18 chapters and 1+8=9 also Mahabharata has 18 parva . The no. of ages of the yugas like satyug,kalyug,etc when added came up to be 9 .There are 108 beads in the maala and we have navgraha ,navratna etc and no. 9 occurs many times in Hindu scripture so what is the story behind it.Thank you

Mohini Vispute says:


aa a.a says:

Fantastic shows

Ankita Singh says:

I was thinking tomorrow that I also need this kind of video and thanks AJ for giving and sharing this wonderful technique.

Maan Kiran says:

Sir I see frequently 333

happy smiling says:

aj sir i wnt reaolve some mis undertanding wid one of my frd and they r in my house as renty ….they want to change house…how to stop tem with law of attraction with positive words and make happy relationship

Nilakshi Gogoi says:

I hope my son's night seizure jerks are controlled by these affirmation

Khushbu Kapasi says:

Thank you thank you thank you universe and awesome AJ Sir ????? I was thinking about this kind of video n I received it. How do you know Sir?
U r the most awesome magical loving person. Stay shinning n blessed. Lots of gratitude to u Sir. U r next to the god for the needy people like us

nagendra prasad says:

We want some more videos on health and healing

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