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Guenter Raich says:

Thank you for your Great Performance ! YES – I am Co-Creater of my Reality ! Good Luck

Maurice van Oosterhout - SOLO RIDER says:

8:36 Robert Zink, Miracle Mentor and Life Coach ? . Im soaring like a fat eagle today mr. Zink. not bald though? Tnx ?.

May whoever read this have a blessed weekend, and also to who doesn't

Gemi Charlemagne says:

I am co-creator of my world !

Camille Carter says:

Thanks for the Miracle Hypnosis!? I listened to it early ths morning.?

Ganesh physio says:

I am co-creator of my world?

sakshi kapoor says:

I am co creator of my world.

Tiaa unique says:

I AM co creator of MY world

Mercedes Kavanaugh says:

I am co creator of my world?

Laura I says:

I am co-creator… and I hope you’re feeling ok after your tumble..

Damini Banerjee says:

I am co creator of my world


I am co creator of my world, I believe it 100 percent

Wade Verweire says:

Thanks again for more inspiring information. Loa is definitely real and possibly categorized as a phenomenon. Like other phenomenons in life that are real yet we have no explanation as to how or why it works, it just does. For example divining rods can't be scientifically explained yet some people can do this. I use them all the time to find underground plumbing lines and it works every time. As for Loa, I've kept a journal for the past 2 years with many accounts of this phenomenon I categorize them as intentional manifestation and unintentional manifestation along with many accounts of synchronicities that occur. I don't know how it works but I do know it ties in with the subconscious mind for sure. Here is a recent example, 3 weeks ago I thought to myself I would like to have a bunch more sheet metal to build another out building, preferably 20 foot in length. About three weeks went by and there was a stack of sheet metal laying in my front yard. Approximately 35 sheets and 22 feet in length. Again I don't understand how or why this works from time to time but this is an astonishing example staring me directly in the face. There are simply no odds to factor in here, there is only one answer and one reason we all know for this to have happened. Thanks for you're inspiring videos!

David Hardy says:

Thank you so much , Robert ! This is why I call you my " warrior for positivity " !! Even when you aren't physically , you are ALWAYS giving one hundred percent to the moment ! You and Rachel and that precious baby boy of yours are so loved !!

Katrina Brown says:

I am co-creator of my world and I'm not here by accident.

Heidi Romano says:

I am cocreator of my world❤️

Jen JP says:

I am co-creator of my world❤️

Gina Lewis says:

I am Co-creator of my WORLD ??‍♀️

padmaja padikal says:

Robert your videos attracted me from the beginning i started seeing your videos when u had 6k subscribes. Today i felt u have the energy of lord hanuma a hindu god which others called monkey god. But we hindus believe he is going to be the Brahma or the next creator.

Minola says:

I am co Creator of my life!!!

Ojano Neneng says:

Thank you so much..coAch????????

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