✅LAW OF ATTRACTION SIGNS IT'S WORKING [7 Sure Signs Law of Attraction is Working for You]

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अतीत से अनुराग says:

yes yes yes i m manefesting all my goals desires and dreams

Miss Roy says:

Thank u AJ. I m so grateful I am observing all the 8 signs. God bless U.

Konkona Chakraborty says:

Each n every sign told by u matches with me now AJ..Life is changing..Thank u thank u thank u Aj..Gratitude Universe..❤️❤️

Pavithri Jayasekara says:

Love this. Thank you AJ.
I have all 8 signs. I am soo happy.

Rabina Singh says:

Awsomee aj u r really awsome u r like god to me. I just cnt blv n also i dnt hv any words to xpress myslf. All the 7 points is happening with me n i am feeling more positive than evr before and i am like in a peace state of mind alwaz. Yess yes yes i am manifesting my desires. I fully trust the universe.

bhavana khairnar says:

Aj if I m manifesting for some one and his name comes in front of me very oftenly by various ways .. is my way is correct?

Amit Ray says:

Aj…Plz help me to get my lady

Aathira S murali says:

Thankyou so much ❤️❤️❤️

Ambily Viswambharan says:

Yes Yes Yes…… This video and all the 8 signs….. Thank you! AJ…. Thank you Universe and Thank you God…..

S.V. Arul Shiju says:

143, 341, 431, 43, 34, 1, these numbers are repetitively appearing in-front of me even if i go to different countries … Right now this video 'views' is '14,347' …

Tina Sam says:

Thank you Awesome AJ. U r really awesome. The right video at the right time. All the signs!

Tanmay Mondal says:

Yes yes yes

Ganavi N says:

Thanks AJ ☺☺

Sandhya Rajani says:

Hai Aj this seven signs already i feels

Jyoti Maurya says:

Watching ur vdo wen feeling low n felt positive is also a sign dat loa wrks

rajpeacock says:

Yes yes yes. Universe is showing me the positive signs always and it reminds me I am on the right path and I am manifesting my dreams desires and goals easily and effortlessly
Thank you ,thank you ,thank you.

Nithya Sai says:

i am struggling to manifest money

Aashita Goyal says:

Yes yes yes i am more positive than ever before and i have the power to manifest my dreams…thank u thank u thank u AJ for your awesome videos!!!!

Masal Syed says:

Hello sir!! I was waitinggg for these video?…I Believe in you as well as Universe?

Priyansha Paul says:

lil more positive thn before..
6th sign ☺ yes.. the

Priyansha Paul says:


Subha Mukherjee says:

Thank you thank you thank you?

Ritu Sharma says:

Yes AJ I see some signs …most of the time I see numbers in series like 23,.67.. as well as 11:11,4:44,5:55 10:10,12:12.. and I feel positive than before!! Thank you Aj for sharing this.. initially I noticed 11:11 then I started looking for what that means.. and universe help me to find your channel.. thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Mythreyi Kumar says:

Yea aj its working for me

Darsan Dinakar says:

Almost every sign Aj?

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