✅8 Tips to Stay Deep in Love – Law of Attraction

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Such a beautiful expression and thank you both for the love you send and back at ‘ya! ✨✨

Ev C says:

Thank you both of you

Perlas Jean says:

Wow nice copple hi maam rachel ur so beautiful thans to both of u….

Crystal Olivo says:

You two bring me so much joy

Anna Konidaris says:

Lovely couple… thank you both!!!

Laura I says:

Always grateful to your family! Lovely couple!!

Cathybroadcast20028 says:

Thank you Robert & Rachel ??
You are amazing ?❤

Srimoukthika శ్రీ says:

Thank you both for the message.

Roxnoboa1 says:

Beautiful!!! ♥️

Pallavi Shetty says:

You both are just made for each other..God bless you ?❤️

kencho zam says:


Bhavisha Sitlani says:

Love u ???????

Wade Verweire says:

This message is so awesome! All religions aside, everyone, I mean everyone can absolutely benefit from this message! You guys are genuine giving individuals, with high vibrational energy raising the frequency of many! Thanks guys, you are truly awesome! Your Vibe attracts your tribe!

Winter Goosey says:

I've been afraid, l lost my exhusband forever, lm afraid he will, go back to his ex when he is out of rehab. Please pray for me. I literally drove to his rehab was in the car for 3 hours yesterday, we are not married anymore, l divorced him because of his drinking. I didnt want to be a part of anything negative. Now that he is sober, l really miss him. I love him when he is sober. I strangely have been missing him, really bad just lately. I felt he wanted me to pick him up. Or something l should have gone on sat. Or Sunday. He would have been there. d have .Plus it was my hormones where really roaring, last 4 days. – of anyone can help 305-457-5470.


Being honest is one of the best ways to stay in love in a relationship. ?

Amal Fahad says:

Dr. Robert please help me, I m currently in a massive breakdown I feel like I hate life now. After watching and manifesting and creat all the positive energy yet life shocks me with another bad relationship my heart got shattered into pieces why me! Although I’m doing good to people I never hurt anyone, what’s wrong with life? teaching me a very cruel lessons. I’m a beautiful young lady yet living miserably..

Sabahat Ali says:

that was beautiful, thank you <3

Mariam Al-Maraghi says:

I just opened the video. Didn't finish it yet but saw both of you and had to comment. I can't wait to finish it. I'm sure it'll be good because you both are in it

razzy p says:

Ahh! Beautiful couple.. cute as a button!
Lovely advice will take note guys!
PS. Will write email soon. I got a duzee! for you Robert I hope you can answer it!
Love Arthur! .

silk62004 says:

Thank you. Sending Love Now!!!!

Rupali prashar says:

Ranchael is btful

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