✅ Manifest Faster and Speed Up the Law of Attraction

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Justin Spurrier says:

Next up: Using the law of attraction to attract likes on your YouTube comment. ????

Great video as always Robert!

Aimee Garcia says:

Weird how this morning I said god/,universe I'm gonna have a good day today and I was so happy all day

Desire Glen says:

About Fear! I so agree with your statement. Thank you Robert. Fear for sure takes my sunshine away????

Rebecca Lucas says:

????The first video that aired a few hours ago must've been a rough unedited draft. That's ok, it reminds me of the effort and hard work you and Rachel go through to get the videos on the channel. Eliminating doubts is something I'm dealing with, but for the last 3 days, I've had 111 popping up everywhere. I know good things are in store for me. Thank you Robert.

SimplyBeautiful ß says:

Accurate. You made my day. Perfect guidance, info, techniques and motivation. Thank you for spreading smiles????????????, goodness, positivity and helping so many people manifesting their dreams. I Am manifesting faster. I Am so grateful. ????????????????

Empowered Crystals says:

Thank you so much for your tips. I need to work on all of these. I think the fear & doubt are the ones I fight with!

♍ ♌ SuperWolfgirl86 ♋ ♎ says:

Most definitely! Mahalo!

razzy p says:

Mistro back!..Love it !
Off for a haircut and to Gloria Jean's for a
Grande extra shot of espresso in my
cappuccino with a shot of caramel.
OH YEAH! Ain't Life Good!

Art Tuber-pk says:

I feel so motivated after watching your videos ..thank you ????????

Dipesh Dangol says:

Can we increase our height with law of attraction

Towanda Life says:

Thanks so much for this amazing video tonight Robert.

Naseera Haroon says:

Thank you sir????love from India ❤️

jeep grl says:

I had a dream about my true love last night. The first time since we broke up 35 yrs ago.

Prateek Bhatt says:

I need friends, High Flyers

Mystic Moonbeam says:

You da man Robert! Thank you kindly for sharing ????✨ life is strange, unpredictable, and magical. So many synchronicities around me, I resonate with this(as usual with your videos) even more so tonight on this amazing full moon!! My heart is open to receive love, abundance, and the infinite blessings to come ????

kencho zam says:


jiyan riyan says:

Hey… where r u nw…? Good morning…

Renee Rojas says:

Robert Zink, you are absolutely wonderful! Incredible!

Soul Art says:

Flying high like a big beautiful eagle!

Alison Gaia Queen says:

Nice Robert! Quit those cigs! Cannabis forever! In moderation, of course????????????????????????????????????

mischellekgb says:

I refuse to give up happiness. I love this ♥️ Everyday, breakthroughs and blessings are coming my way.

Sivadasan Kzry says:

Thank you sir

Maria Pena says:

Mr Zink I am being patient and I'm waiting for my manifestation to happen I believe in myself


I agree 100%

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