✅ Manifest Anything You Want – Law of Attraction – Power of Feelings

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denis Cicool says:

Real hot. Very happy even before start watching

Sunshine Reggae says:

I agree you gotta emotionalize it and write it down… Thank you so much for the reminder and your beautiful work ????????????????????

razzy p says:

That secret Sauce was absolutely delicious!
It's Emotion magnifited! That brings home the bacon and everything else…Oh Yeah! I'm Excited for the unlimited possibilities the Universe has to offer.
I welcome it with open arms. Yeah Baby Yeah!

Jaiden TV says:

Hope all your dreams come true ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

BuiltToScale says:

Totally agree about vision boards just sitting there being "static". You have to use them as an opening scene to the emotional movie of your dream life. Thanks for this reminder. Definitely resonates!

S J says:

Yes so true!

Vilasprabha Jadhav says:

Thank you so much Sir … ????????????

Manu manu says:

I am manifesting my Love Komal. Love you Robert from INDIA…

Dr. Shabnam yadav says:

Good morning sir????????????????????

kencho zam says:


S M says:

Robert, time to paint those shelves and that wall????????????

Mercyhm3 Louisiana says:

Great videos. You talk about things I had questions about. You also have the same things on your shelves that I have. I haven't gotten my genii lamp but I have the rose quartz ball, salt lamp, elephants, Buddha, etc. Signs. There's another too I'll leave unmentioned. Peace Profound

Ong Beng Koon says:

Thank you Robert! I am grateful!

Bella says:

But when I think about my new house, I am hysterically crying out of happpiness… Isn't it rather negative emotionalizing?

Tez Clark says:

Hi , do you do any sleep manifesting videos to listen while you sleep? The problem I find with some is they play music with a high pitch or the voices have a high pitch in parts that are spoken and this makes me Jump awake. Would be grateful for any pointers on what to use also I don't want one that's too long otherwise it usually wakes me up if I manage to sleep.

Catgirl says:

You always wear these nice shirts.

Harshal Bhalerao says:

Act as if Secret sauce is Be As If feel it at highest vibration

Gypsea Stash says:

Saucy, lol???????????? thank you????????

Caroline Swann says:

Hi robert im 44 living at home and have followed all your teachings and pulled such strength from them and i truly believe in what your saying i had a huge falling out with a close family member which has left me shattered i feel pain that i never had before in my body a psychological pain of utter misery and now emotional numbness and nothing is happening how can i find strength to regain my power and vibrate more highly any advice or kind words would be well recieved thank you xxx

Dannii Vargas says:

Thanks a lot! its working!????????

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