✅ Make Someone Fall Deeply In Love With You – Law of Attraction Specific Person

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maria syngrou says:

What about attracting a specific person that I’ve been admiring and be following for a while . It’s crazy because I’ve met his brother and we have a lot of mutual friends and same interests and hobbies but because he’s a celebrity I feel sometimes Tht Thts an obstacle or it makes it harder to meet him in person .

TheBadassAccountant says:

I'm from Albany, OR. So close to Salem!

Priti Prvatker says:

I m fortunate to have found a guru like you … you are awesome , may god bless you in abundance

gary of the family fitzpatrick says:

I am happy Aga is drawing close to me every time I write this scentence

Giuseppe Patti says:

I am happy a specific person is drawing closer to me every time I write this sentence

Jenni Tee says:

I am happy H is drawing closer to me when i write this sentence ❤️

Giuseppe Patti says:

I am absolutely certain a specific person is thinking of me now thank you

Farah Naz Ahmad says:

???????????? you are a complete love. I just love watching your videos

Natasha says:

Ohhhh hallleee nahhh woahhhoooo

john Alex says:

Thanks to baba ije ogu for help me get my ex husband back, who left me for about one year now he is now back to me thank you baba.

SimplyBeautiful ß says:

Visualised about that specific person coming into my life.

I have manifested my deepest desires. I have manifested abundance. Thank you Robert Sir & Rachel Mam ! ????????????????Love to Julian !????

Κατερίνα Χατζòγλου says:

Hi Robert, thanks for the video. My husband after 20years of marriage wants a devorced. He left us to leave in another country. Please I want your help. Our children and me are devastated. Our reality is very difficult. How could I be in touch with you. It s urgent.
Thank you so much.

Keisha Knell says:

Omg on time, I was just thinking about a specific someone and I was wondering how close I was to manifest them and I’ve been seeing 11:11 a lot and then this video ???? so grateful

Tharindu Peiris says:

Thank you so much Sir ❤️ respect ???????? always your thoughts.???? this video helps us to manifest our loveable person and dreams,goals,desires.????what i am expecting.???? i am attracting my soulmate.???? Every thing is energy energy is everything.????????Thank you so much universe.????

Janka Krsteva says:

Hello Robert. Thank you so much for the video exactly what i needed to hear today. I wonder if law of attraction can shift my reality with my ex that end up really bad 6 months ago but it prolonged the pushing and fights till yesterday that now i know its all mess even to think that it will be ok one day. Does all this techniques manifests for such a hard situation that at the moment i can see it for me and him doesnt have any future but i wonder if really works to try.

Simran Bhalla says:

Its v true even i attracted my husband like this wen i was in school i always wanted to marry at specific place n it happened i unknowling use to think that if my hubby gets ill i will take hus gud care n all n this also happened he was ill for 12 yrs….so plz always choose your thoughts wisely they always n always manifest…..

Sneha Deepika says:

What a timing ????

Mariam Gregory says:

Awww,, ya look soo cute with the pillow,,,, luv ya both Zink lovebirds xxxx

Kristina McDonald says:


Dawn Gregorie says:

You videos always inspire and bring my spirit higher ❤❤❤ thank you

Pratima Banerjee says:

I'm in love with someone..& I know he loves me too..but he's scared to telling me..he's now gone to another City..i don't Know he's name..so how I mentioned him on scripting ..plz suggest..thank you..????

Mauro Villarreal says:

I didn't think you were into women? No offence…

Julia Rivera says:

Awesome video


Love yourself first and the love will come

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