✅ 5 Signs The Law of Attraction is Working For You

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Mieke Gebruers says:

I'm sure the universe is working hard for me ❤ thank you for your message!

♍ ♌ SuperWolfgirl86 ♋ ♎ says:

I have everyone one of these and more! Thank you so much Robert and Rachael!!

নীপা মিসেস শিবলী says:

Thanks Robert

Mad Dawg says:

Thank you universe these 5 signs are working for me right now IAM grateful IAM wealthy IAM abundant IAM bless IAM love thank you God thank you universe ??

Mariam Gregory says:

I am so complete,,, xxxx

Melissa Motsinger says:

This is great!!

cecilia nkesi says:

I always see orbs what does that mean even when I my eyes are close I see this amassing shine colourful light. love from Lesotho thank you

Deepak shaji says:

Incredible words


Sir, Thank you?

SimplyBeautiful ß says:

● I Am Absolutely Certain And I have full faith.
● I Already Have What I Want.
● I Am Abundant & A Manifestor.
● Everything works out brilliantly for me every day.
● I Am Empowering My Life And Have No Old Beliefs.
● I Am More Connected To Universe, Nature And Life.
● Good Things Are Coming To My Way.
● Oh Yeah ?

Thank you so much ! I Am Grateful ???? So much positive vibes in every video. And, I wait to listen "Oh Yeah" too. It brings a lot of smiles.

Mario Amorim says:

Robert, this totally resonated with me. Thank you.

Ms K says:

Robert and what does it mean when people I know are getting married all around me?
April 2019 Friend
May 2019 Friend
June 2019 Ex
July 2019 friend and a friends daughter

Neel Pakhi says:

To the point imagenation is necessary sir? ..

Sonali Chhotalal says:

1. Absolute certainty – Yes
2. No longer operating from a state of need – yes
3. Change your life – Yes
4. More connected to life – not yet
5. State of gnosis – not yet

Ironclad Confidence says:

This was absolutely amazing Robert, thanks so much for sharing this video… I can definitely tell the law of attraction is working, everything is happing at perfect timing in my life and it's happening faster than ever. Thanks again for sharing, you straight up rocked brother, peace!!! ??✌

Plush Furr says:

OOHHH YEHHHH????????????

Dawn Christensen says:

I AM Soaring high like a big beautiful Eagle, Flying in the direction of my dreams and my goals. I know that I know, that I know. I am absolutely certain that all I desire is being manifested. I have unwavering Faith that the Universe always provides for me and my highest good. I AM grateful for this beautiful life. Ohhhh Yeah!!! Thank you for another great video Robert. Blessings to you and your Family and Fur Babies.

Kassondra Merced says:

Love your energy and good vibes ??????

kencho zam says:


Ma Sc says:

?L o v i n g i t?

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