⚡️Surrender Trust to the Universe 🌀Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction 🌀

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pdiva74 says:

The picture of the woman floating so carefree aligns perfectly with the video❤.

Jo spice Blackwood says:

So love the music to listen to this, again , from years back…I appreciate you

C. Wood says:

I wish people would stop adding music to these things

Wm Covington says:

The message from Abraham is ALWAYS very much appreciated. And spot on. Thus those listening have been attracted to it. The message. However, the person that puts it out for all of us may need to be reminded or made aware of what Ester and Jerry asked of those who share this info. I anticipate that they will be attracted to this response and continue to put out the messages for all of us, the way it was intended by the originators. (refer to Abraham Hicks original website). And please let us know if something has changed.

Joy Bretz says:

Would have been better without all of the ads

כוכבית ארכהן says:

Thank you!💝

j. v. says:

Was ThinKing.. ThinKing. ..ThanKing… Guitarr..Stars… Have are guidance….. Cause…. Music is the Muse. Natural rhytam…sound of rain and thunder… Sound of the Light… BlessingS to You AH, Esther and Jerry <3

Wm Covington says:

too many imbedded ads. interrupts the flow. I've heard it done differently. is the goal to get our attention to sell us stuff??

nevershoutamber1 says:

Needed this 🙏🏾

Teniqueka Green says:


Wally G. says:

An oldie but goodie. Esther, I ❤️ you so much. Perfect timing as a reminder. Servicing my happiness right now. Thank you Leeah 🙏

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